The digitalization of cultural goods has created a new problem : HYPERCHOICE.

How do you decide which movie to watch, which book to buy, which music or podcast to listen to when you have immediate access to a dizzying amount of content? Let’s use video as an example: When was the last time you found a video recommendation helpful?

When you go on Netflix, Spotify or Amazon and you see “you might also like” or “recommended for you”, these are all assumptions based on recommender systems. Most recommender systems use statistics in order to recommend the content other “similar” users have consumed.

Our approach is radically different and effective.

We address people telling them « we think you are unique, so let’s figure out exactly who YOU are and find content for YOU, based on YOUR interactions ».

If you love to read books about teenage vampires or if you only watch movies with Leonardo Dicaprio, we will understand that. If you want to delete your embarrassing history and profile or hide it from your friends, we provide you tools to have full control over the data you share and the recommendations you get. That is what Spideo, our parent company, has been doing for the last years with VOD content.

When you launch a digital content platform you need a very standard toolkit : 

For example, you go to SalesForce for a CRM, you go to Stripe for billing, you go to Mailchimp for newsletters – and where do you go for Recommendation?

Creating a custom Recommendation engine would be very expensive, requires a lot of work, dedicated teams, and would distract you from your main product.

Instead, you can go to RUMO to help you complete this set of tools that gets you started. 

Most recommender systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Our solution is much more democratic. 

  • We provide modular recommendation allowing you to choose amongst various levels of personalization according to your needs and the growth of your company. 
  • Our technology can be deployed in 2 hours.
  • We offer a free trial followed by a service at a very affordable price, starting from 99$/month because we want to grow with the companies that trust us.

You want to see how it works? In the video that follow, we will show you how to get similar recommendations on a given content with the example of the movie Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarentino.

When RUMO recommends movies like “Reservoir Dogs” alongside “Pulp fiction” because both movies are “violent”, “twisty”, “Subtle” or potentially movies like “The Hangover” for the Comedy aspect and the “twisty” turn of events…

– other recommender systems, focus exclusively on another aspect of the movie and push “bracelets” similar to the one John Travolta is wearing in the movie. How do you feel about this result?




Similar content for “Pulp Fiction” on a platform

Check out the video below and begin your journey through our customer Dashboard describing how to:

1- Create an account 

2- Upload a catalog

3- Do a GET request

4- Start enjoying the power of Rumo by retrieving similar recommendations for your content!

Do you want to be a part of the RUMO family? Register Now and enjoy our free trial period .