Help people watch, hear, play and
read more of what they love

Go beyond black-box recommender systems. Choose the
algorithms that work best for you. Turn recommendations
into a personal matter
and gain everyone’s confidence.

Help people watch, hear, play, and read more
of what they love 

Go beyond black-box recommender systems. Choose the algorithms that work
best for you. Turn recommendations into a personal matter and gain
everyone’s confidence


What Our Customers Say

Creative Content is part of who we are.

Build recommendations for people who are one of a kind


Rumo prizes your customer’s interests. Not their personal information.


Every recommendation comes with an explanation. Improve engagement with transparent communication.




Rumo’s recommendations are a two-sided conversation.

Recommender as a Service for content
platforms of all sizes

Rumo takes you beyond the mainstream trends. With Rumo, your recommendations reflect each customer’s personality.

A special documentary. A live festival or e-learning course.
An unknown podcast or music.
A unique book or author.
A great event.
A new video game.

Rumo eases your work with recommendations you control.

Plug and play within 24 hours.
Get recommendations as soon as you start.
Connect and engage with recommendations you can explain.
Start from your taxonomy and extend it.

Start for free with Rumo’s API

Create an account

Register for free and get your keys.

Upload your content

Organize and upload your catalog. Include metadata and keywords.

Don’t know how? Ask us.


Tests and verify

Test recommendations before integration. Use Rumo’s dashboard.

Integrate the API

Plug the API into your user interface. Get instant recommendations.

Track and optimize

Track usage with analytics. Apply business rules to override standard algorithms.

Join the community

Get access to content experts and share best practices.


What does Rumo do?

Rumo is a recommender system for creative industries of any size. Rumo works with any creative content, any device, and lets you quickly upload your catalog via our API. Rumo is the knowledgeable helper for your business, translating metadata into natural language. Our team of data crafters goes beyond data science to personalize your customers experience and build trustworthy engagement. We believe in transparent algorithms and data you can control.

How can I start using Rumo?

Rumo is a private API; it requires an account to submit queries. The process is straightforward:

  1. Join the beta program by requesting an invite on our website. Check the terms and conditions and we will send you a first email confirming your submission.
  2. We will send you a second email once your account is approved including your API key and further instructions. Note: The approval request processing will take less than 24 hours.
  3. You can then start using Rumo, uploading your content databases and submit queries. Check the next sections for additional information. 
What are the usage limits?
For the Free Community Edition:
-API requests 1,000/min
-API requests 10,000/day
-Max content items/catalog: 1,000

For the Starter version:

-Max users: 10,000 / Additional 1,000 users for 15€ per month

What is the Rumo API?

The Rumo API has its architecture based on an Application Programming Interface (API). This specifies a set of operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types that allows you to understand how to integrate our personalized recommendation platform to orchestrate your OTT, VoD and Linear TV platform. Rumo API endpoints provide the building blocks that you need to build your product based on Rest APIs.

What is the Rumo API Doc?

The Rumo API Doc provides developers with elaborate documentation on how to integrate our end points in their service. The documentation can be found at

Rumo API Doc ToS

You can find our full terms of service on our legal page. Transparency is important for us, therefore, the main terms are also listed on the beta page. What we promise is what we deliver and all you submit will be controlled by you. If you have any questions please contact us.